Belt Grinders

The Direct Drive Maxigrinder, ‘The professionals choice’ belt grinder. 2Hp direct drive, 240v single phase will run from conventional hhld supply, Invertek Optidrive speed control range from 0–2800 RPM with full power, at 1400-2800 power is reduced proportionally relative to the speed from 1400 down to 0 RPM. Takes 50 x 1800 to 50 x 2000 belts, angle-adjustable platen head, approx 15deg either side of vertical, worktable is also adjustable and extendable for when head is tilted, removable tool arm so a range of accessories can be fitted. Approx 45Kg, .6m wide .6m high x .75m long. Contact for current price

The Maxigrinder, this is a very cost effective means of obtaining a professional level belt grinder. It is essentially the same as the above grinder but supplied without motor, comes with a 20mm shaft to allow you to fit a motor and drive system of your choice, its recommended that you go for a 2Hp motor with a triple pulley set up to give three speeds, platen is fully adjustable for angle and worktable is adjustable for angle and is also extendable, supplied exactly as in the photo, you will need some skills to fit the motor and drive set up. Current price is £600 (as per photo)

The Direct Drive Minigrinder, 240 volt single phase 1.5Hp motor, fixed speed at 1400 RPM, this is a very powerful compact belt grinder ready to use, capable of working all day and removing serious amounts of metal, table is fully adjustable for angle, takes 50 x 1065 belts simple one knob tracking set up crowned top pulley for very stable belt running, complete with jig and table extension for very accurate bevels.
Contact for current price

The Minigrinder, an exceptionally cost effective way of obtaining a very high quality belt grinder. The Minigrinder is supplied exactly as shown, without motor. It takes 50 x 1065 belts, 50 x 50 top roller, crowned for stable tracking, 100mm main drive pulley with 20mm shaft. It can be fitted with a 1 – 2 Hp motor, single or multiple pulley drive or speed control motor depending on your preference. The Minigrinder also comes complete with a table for mounting the motor.
Current price as per photo £385

Grinder belt drive wheels, 100mm dia x 55 wide, tyre is 90 shore polyurethane on aluminium hub which is 70mm overall length, available in 19mm bore, for direct mounting to a motor or shaft. 20mm bore for mounting to a shaft and 24mm dia for direct mounting to a motor, location is by 8mm grub screw either onto a flat on the shaft or into the keyway on a motor. Currently £44 each

Platen rollers, All are 50mm diameter x 55mm wide, fitted with 10 mm ID bearings. Costs vary depending on material used. See below:
Aluminium @£32 each (£60 for a pair)
Green 60 shore polyurethane @£36 each (£68 for a pair)
Yellow 40 shore polyurethane @£36 each (£68 for a pair)

Tracking pulleys, 80mm diameter x 55mm wide, crowned and fitted with 12mm ID bearings M12 socket head bolt. Currently £46 each


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