To contact us for some further information or pricing:

Downland Engineering Services
Based in West Berkshire, UK
Phone: (+44)7785 261884

We are very proud of the work we do, and are pleased that our hard work is recognised elsewhere. Here are a couple of quotes from some happy customers:

From a well known cutlery supplier:
“I use one of your Minigrinders and a Maxigrinder every day of the week. I’ve never had any problems with either of them and they perform perfectly. The design of a machine becomes apparent when you use it a lot and I’ve altered most grinders I’ve owned before to suit the requirements of knifemaking. Not with these two. With the exception of a small removable spark guard on top of the Minigrinder and a plastic knob on the bolt/handle which tightens the platen/contact wheel arm on the Maxigrinder, I’ve never had any reason to wish they were different in any way. As you know, I also own a 10″, 6″ and 1 1/4″ contact wheel set for the Maxigrinder. This is an excellent set up. 10″ wheel for single edged blades, 6″ wheel for double edged blades and the small wheel for handle shaping. Perfect. The changeover from flat platen to hollow takes seconds, again, an excellent design. They are very simple, powerful, well made machines. My advice to anyone seeking a good belt grinder whether it’s for knifemaking or for other engineering work is always to get an ‘Alygrinder’. They even come in my favourite colour, which for me is an added bonus!”

From Ian, Northumberland:
“Alistair offers a very comprehensive range of grinders and accessories, all to the highest spec with outstanding workmanship. The best in the UK in my opinion, so give him a ring and start grinding!”

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